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Dance and Nia for a great attitude to life

Dance and Nia can certainly support a great positive attitude towards life. Dancing is fun and great joy - if you like to express yourself creatively and powerfully at the same time while doing sports, you are in good hands. We at Nipala have expanded our collection of sportswear for the dance sector to include models by Ann Christiansen. Nia is her passion and ""danced joie de vivre"", as she says herself. The clothing for Dance and Nia is high quality and easy to care for - so you can enjoy your sport.

If you like to dance and have already familiarised yourself with the different styles, you know how great such a workout can be. Nia combines a body workout with dance. Originally, that was the approach to develop Nia. To enjoy movement, but still offer the body an optimal workout, these were the thoughts that gave birth to Nia. Nia came to us across the ""big pond"" from the USA and was already created in the 80s - with a timeless concept that focuses on the soul and body in equal measure.

Colourful sportswear for workouts

Our dance and Nia clothing is colourful and creative, just like the sport itself. The models are available in many different colours that add to the good mood. Modern and varied cuts and designs are what make them special. However, the popular basics are also available here, and their combination options ensure that a different outfit can be created quickly.

Trousers, skirts, leggings, tops and shirts in a wide variety of shapes and colours make you look good at Dance and Nia. Maybe you wear colourful arm warmers with them, as they are a perfect companion for sports. They are indispensable for warming up and relaxing - and fashionable too.

Good fit, easy care and high quality

Good fits and great cuts are simply part and parcel of high-quality sportswear. In addition, the models are usually highly moisture-regulating, which is of course a great advantage if the workout should be very sweaty. Easy-care quality that dries quickly offers great comfort, because after washing in the machine you can quickly have your outfit ready for the next class. This way you stay fit and in training.

Do you have any questions about Dance & Nia Sportswear?

Do you still have a question about your outfit? That's no problem. We'll be happy to advise you on the right size, the right colour and the best fit.