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"Fitness and body workout - with the right sportswear.

Do you enjoy movement, fitness and body workout? That's good, because you are absolutely right - your health is important to you, you take care of yourself. With the right fitness clothing, sport and exercise will certainly be even more fun. At -Nipala, we attach great importance to our sportswear being functional, high quality and easy to care for. We want to support you in the best possible way during your body workout.

Great sportswear, even more motivation

Many people can no longer imagine life without sports. A trend that has found many followers in recent years. A quick body workout in the gym or a fitness session at home - many people have discovered their love of sports. This definitely includes sportswear that goes with every movement. Take a look around our online shop, because here you will find a nice selection of fitness clothing that will motivate you even more.

Pleasant to wear and comfortable

Fitness pants in casual style or a high yoga capri for your yoga workout - you set the direction and we have the sportswear to go with it. A chic top, shirt or shorts, and you are perfectly equipped and dressed for your sport, even on hot days. If you really work up a sweat during fitness and body workouts, you'll certainly be glad to have a shirt that doesn't lose its shape right away.

This makes freedance, spinning or cross fit even more fun. Our tank tops, like the racerback tank tops from the Ann Christiansen collection and many other models, have a fitted cut. Nothing slips, even during fast moves, and you feel secure and comfortable - for more comfort.

Combinations welcome

The sportswear for fitness and body workout from Nipala is as individual as you are. Combine what you like - put together the outfit from our range that inspires you during your training. We pay attention to high quality and functionality. Our styles are very easy to care for and hard-wearing, and are usually machine-washed at 30 degrees and quickly ready for use again.

The highly moisture-regulating fabrics ensure a pleasant feeling when worn. A good fit is also important to us - ensuring that you have fun moving around.

Take advantage of our service: If you can't find the colour or size you want, please contact us. We will be happy to help you.