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Sportswear from Nipala

Functional sportswear is what we at Nipala know all about. In our online shop you will find everything for your sport. We have a great selection for women and men. We also present a selection of sportswear by Ann Christiansen. The first Nia trainer in Germany was born in Sweden and has lived in Hamburg for many years. Nia is based on a holistic, comprehensive movement concept. Elements from martial arts, different relaxation techniques and dance are combined.

Well dressed for sport

The right clothing is a great advantage when doing sports. Good sportswear should offer you maximum support during your sport. Functional, comfortable and simply beautiful should go together. That way, sports will be a lot of fun and you will enjoy your fitness. Great cuts, appealing colours and fabrics are an absolute must for sportswear. The sportswear should be comfortable and stand out for its high level of wearer comfort. You can then get started with the right workout - no matter what you choose. Fitness trousers, cut-out dresses for dancing, high-neck tops or a variety of trousers, our diverse range of affordable sportswear will convince you. The models are also hard-wearing and easy-care. Good for you, because then you can enjoy your sport.

Comfortable, functional and easy-care

Sport is part of life, it is an attitude to life and provides positive energy. The feeling of well-being is even better when the sportswear matches. Our sportswear is just as enthusiastic about every movement as you are. Functional and easy-care are also attributes that belong to sportswear today. You can easily wash and care for your clothes and they are quickly ready for the next fitness session.

This is how you find what you are looking for online

Shirts and trousers, tops and skirts, shirts for your favourite activity or long-sleeved shirts, the choice is huge. For women and men, and also for fans of the Ann Christiansen collection, we have a wide variety of styles on offer - take a look around our Nipala online shop. What exactly are you looking for? Here you will surely find what you are looking for. Just take advantage of our personal advice, because we are happy to help you. Together we will find the right sportswear in the right size.