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nipala +soulfashion

nipala +soulfashion

From Hamburg with Love

We do everything we can to ensure that our products have what it takes to be your favourite piece: soft and light, durable and functional - and above all, produced fairly and regionally. That's why we can easily cater to your personal needs during the production process. More about us

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Why we call it #soulfashion

You move something!

At nipala, we know how much your outfit supports motivation and training success. We do everything we can to ensure that every single piece is a favourite: It fits perfectly, it feels soft and light, it follows your every move, it is robust, functional and timelessly beautiful.

We love Slow Fashion

The world is suffocating in cheap clothing. nipala wants to make a contribution against the overexploitation of environment and resources. That‘s why we keep supply chains short and produce regionally. We use fibres that retain their colours and shapes for decades and can still be recycled.

You are special

You have short legs or long arms? Then take advantage of our affordable customisation service - and everything will fit perfectly. In our tailor shop you will receive comprehensive advice on fit and colour, delivery and payment. By the way: we make almost all items in the colour of your choice.

You do the sport

Sport is even more fun with a great and functional outfit. nipala develops sustainable sportswear in manufactory quality - not only for dance & nia, yoga & pilates, but also for business and everyday life. So that your favourite sport and everyday life become one.

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