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Yoga for body and soul

Anyone who has had the opportunity to experience yoga will understand why so many people are enthusiastic about it. And the approval and enthusiasm runs through all age groups, old and young alike. Yoga is not only a sport that can provide excellent help for numerous health problems, but also a bit of an attitude to life. At least, yoga is good for body and soul; meditation allows us to calm down and relax from the stressful and exhausting daily routine. At Nipala, we have found a wide range of accessories for you that can make your yoga workouts even more enjoyable.

Get your body fit, relieve stress

In yoga, which has found many enthusiastic fans in recent years, both soul and body are to be given equal consideration. Very briefly explained, there are very different exercises in yoga to strengthen and invigorate the body. Closely connected to this are breathing exercises, relaxation exercises and meditation. Over time, the flexibility of the body is supported and the musculature is improved. Meditation and breathing exercises are effective against stress and tension and may help you to approach life in a more relaxed way.

Great accessories for your exercises

For many, a yoga cushion is the most important accessory for meditation. Sitting relaxed on it helps to straighten the spine and not to tense up. This is very important in the various sitting positions that are assumed in yoga. When sitting cross-legged, heel-sitting or kneeling, a meditation cushion helps to support the positions. The hip and leg muscles are also not stretched excessively. Our cushions are made on site from high-quality materials. Organic spelt husks are used for the filling. The cushion is light and therefore easy to take with you, even if you are travelling.

A yoga block, which we offer made of natural cork, is also a good support for yoga exercises. This cork block helps with the asanas, which are mainly resting postures. With the block, incorrect postures can be avoided and the back can be straightened better.

Yoga straps, which are available in many colours, can be used for optimal stretching. These straps are also suitable for Pilates and physiotherapy. A better posture, strengthening of the deep muscles and elasticity should be achieved.

Retaining straps for the yoga mat and beautifully shaped drinking bottles that are also free of harmful substances complete your yoga workout.

The "Toe-Sox" toe socks, which are equipped with nubs under the sole, also provide support during your exercises. These are not only very practical for yoga to improve stability. They can also provide good support during dance or Pilates.