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The right sport, the right sportswear

You are a sports fan. Your sports are dance & nia, fascia training, fitness & body workout or yoga & pilates - then you will find the sportswear that suits you and your sport. The days are long gone when an outfit was suitable for every occasion. Today, sportswear is functional, comfortable and beautiful. A variety of different models, individual fits and a wide range of colours inspire our customers. In our tailoring department we can even fulfil your personal wishes.

Everything for Dance & Nia

If you love dance and Nia, you will also love the range in our online shop. With the colourful models you will be the star in the studio. Shirts, tops, trousers and various dance dresses and much more are available from Nipala. Modern materials and timeless cuts, hard-wearing and easy-care, that's how it should be.

Well dressed for fascia training

With a good fascia training you do a lot for your connective tissue: this increases your general mobility. In our modern lives we usually sit down too much and move far too little. This is a reason to get active and integrate fascia training into your personal sports programme. It's good to have the right sportswear to go with it. You can find it in our online shop. Leggings and tops, also in an appealing two-tone look in many colours, we have what you are looking for.

Outfits for Fitness & Body Workout

Being fit just feels good. Doing something good for your body works with a great fitness & body workout. It lifts your spirits and shapes your figure - both important for bringing body and soul into harmony. We have clothing for this type of sport for you online here. Have a look at what you like. Durability and high wearing comfort included.

Comfortable for Yoga & Pilates

Yoga, body and soul - these terms are inseparable in this sport. Yoga is already thousands of years old, while Pilates has not been practised for all that long. Yoga is even considered a way of life - through movement, breathing and concentration, body and soul are supposed to find their way back to each other. Pilates helps to train many muscle groups through special exercises. In our sedentary modern times, this is good for a better posture. You practise with sportswear from Nipala. Our online shop has the right offer for you.