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Fascia training - important for connective tissue and mobility.

You enjoy sports, love your workout and enjoy Dance, Nia, Yoga and Pilates. You move a few times a week and maybe even every day - whether to music or just for fun. Together with friends or alone, you go for a run through the park or nature. As a sports enthusiast, you can do even more for yourself. Try fascia training. You can improve your flexibility and do a lot for your health. We at Nipala have great sportswear for your fascia training.

What are fasciae?

You have never heard of the term fascia? Everyone has fasciae and they have a great influence on our mobility. If you are mobile and stay mobile, you naturally have fewer problems, less pain in your shoulders and back, for example. These are the classic areas that quickly cause us problems anyway. Who hasn't experienced this? One day at the desk and your back starts to ache or your shoulder starts to pull uncomfortably.

Keeping the body in shape

Fascia training is a great way to prevent these problems. Fasciae are basically everywhere in the body. Broadly speaking, fascia is the connective tissue - or rather, fascia is a part of the connective tissue. Fasciae are interconnected and surround everything in the body such as muscles, tendons and also the internal organs. They hold the body together, can cushion movements and support the body. Now fasciae are partly responsible for keeping us mobile. If the fasciae are shortened, then the body also suffers.

Fasciae love movement, we have the sportswear for you.

Fasciae, like the whole body, should be kept fit. This can be done with the right training: Many people know the fascia roller, which can be used to stretch the fascia. For example, you can place it under individual areas of the body and glide over it to loosen these areas.

We have colourful sportswear for your fascia training. In addition to the comfortable leggings, you will find a range of trendy tops and shirts in our sportswear. Of course, we have selected these for you in our proven quality. They are made of durable materials that are easy to care for and dry quickly. So you'll be ready for your next workout in no time. Take a look at the models in our online shop. If you have any questions about size or colour, please don't hesitate to contact us.