About us

Nipala -high quality sportswear made in Germany

We are a sportswear company based in Hamburg, Germany. We produce our own high-quality sportswear for sports such as yoga, pilates, fitness, dance and Nia. Besides our own products we also sell accessories such as yoga mats and bags.

We design our own sportswear in Hamburg. To ensure it has the perfect fit we work together with trainers. Especially, the NIA collection is designed very closely with Ann Christiansen. The sportswear is then produced in Saxony, Germany.

We at nipala also offer costume-made items. All our designs can be ordered in additional colours and made-to measure, as we have our own tailoring in Hamburg.

Nipala is especially characterized through its high quality. The sportswear produced is very durable and long-lasting. The fabric used to produce the Sportswear is the functional fibre Supplex, which has a cotton touch and is breathable. Besides this, the fabric is colour stable and also wash-and-wear.